Some testimonials from the iTunes App Store:

Greatest...App....Ever”  (by “Violent Matt”)

This is the greatest app ever made! It really does work, I can’t hear a thing, but my son and dog keep looking around! I never thought this would work, but it does! Definite buy if you want to get some revenge on your kids for driving you nuts all the time!

Awesome!”  (by “IdoWOW”)

Just bought this while sitting at a Waffle House full of loud teenagers. Tried it out and all at once they all stopped their conversation and was looking around for the source. They would not have found out if I had not been laughing hysterically!!! Best 99 cents I have ever spent.

Fun”  (by “caldi dav”)

I can’t hear anything but I use it as a punishment because it gives my son a headache. Keep up the good work.

Outstanding...”  (by “R.Hopkins”)

This works amazingly well. Whenever the 15 year old gets out of line a little zap from this sends her running for cover! Best app ever!

Great app”  (by “Audog”)

Love it! It drives my 16 year old nuts. Now I can annoy him like he annoys me!

Some testimonials from the foreign iTunes App Stores:

Incredibile ma é vero!”  (by “Pecoranera”, Italian store)

Davvero questo suono ê udibile solo dai ragazzi!!! Non so come sia possibile ma é cosi. Assurdo... Non riesco a capire come succeda.

Approximate translation:  indeed this audible sound ê only from the boys! I do not know so like or possible but é. Absurdity… I do not succeed to understand as it happens.

Totally Rocks!”  (by “Hftdufyqtsqyuyyffhfws”, Canada store)

I’m twelve and I love using this in class to annoy the other retards.!! :)

Awesome!”  (by “stocker14”, Canada store)

This app is awesome. I’m an eighteen year old university student. I love using this in class to annoy the stupid exchange kids who won’t shut up while I’m trying to take notes. Love this.