Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I hear the really high pitches?

There are a couple reasons you could be hearing the really high pitches. If you are using the lite version, most of the modes are limited to 10 kHz; therefore, if you try to set the frequency higher, it will still only play 10 kHz - and that is well within the range of most people’s hearing.

Both version also suffer from another problem: the speaker. Because of variations in the speakers and the audio hardware, the pitches can become slightly distorted. For instance, because the iPhone 2G’s audio hardware can’t play these high pitches, it always sounds like it’s playing a lower pitch. On every other device, if the volume is too high, it will be distorted and you will hear other - possibly lower - pitches. To eliminate this, simply turn the volume down a couple notches until the extra noises go away.

What are the arrows by the mode names for?

These bring up extra configuration screens for the different modes, such as the random timings or the pulse speed.

How do I use the Remote Slave mode?

To use the remote slave mode, you must first have Bluetooth enabled in your settings. When it’s enabled, simply press the blue arrow next to “Remote Slave” in the list and select the device to which you wish to connect.

Please note that it may take a few seconds or a few clicks for it to finish connecting to the other device, as seen in the video.